Creating value since 2009

Born out of a challenge, the company was determined to create F&B solution products which are easy to prepare, tastes good and promotes a healthy lifestyle. Hence, we create the entire recipe of powder blends by our own creation team.

Why we are different

We constantly innovate our product offerings so that our clients – who are the F&B outlets can offer newest selections of F&B products. In whatever we do, our client’s success will always be our benchmark. Many of our clients have regarded us as the unsung heroes of their business, enabling them to keep pushing the boundaries of the F&B industry.

Our Vision

Empowering the F&B industry as a global food blends innovator

Our vision is to consistently challenge the status quo, prioritizing quality, affordability, and health, while staying attuned to evolving market trends.

Our future

In the upcoming years, Gourmet Ingredients aims to revolutionize the Food and Beverage industry through consistent product innovation, ensuring unparalleled value delivery to our esteemed clientele. Our focus is to cultivate a keen foresight in product development, catering to our clients’ evolving needs.

Simultaneously, we aspire to set the industry standard, fostering a culture of elevated excellence that inspires healthy competition. This commitment will ultimately benefit our clients and users, positioning them as the ultimate beneficiaries of our collective efforts.

We are constantly looking for regional strategic partners and co creators to grow the F&B industry.

If this is your vision too, please contact us for a chat.