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Innovation & Quality

Ice Creams.

We produce a wide range of custom crafted premixes for soft-serve ice creams and gelatos.


Our extensive list of beverage solutions boast easy to use and high consistency in terms of taste and quality.


Our dessert mix solutions help produce delicious, healthy and fresh desserts.

More Products.

Tell us what we can design and create for you. We love to hear them.

Constant Innovation

Over 10 years of creating delicious and quality products.

Gourmet Ingredient’s vision and mission through the course of time continues to gain clarity and purpose. A company which believes in using natural and innovative ingredients to create products which are superior in taste and consistent quality without compromising on the health factor. We strive to create product that has a 360 degree view, which in simple terms… food product solutions for all walks of life.

Our belief of not using any form of food replacers and doubtful ingredients in our products has stood the test of time and our clients appreciate the effort we put in to creating these products.


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