Ice Cream Mixes

Apart from custom solutions we also offer ready made solutions. In the ice cream category we have a variety of choices. Some of our best sellers are

Soft Serve Vanilla

Our classic vanilla with a French-style taste is popular on a global scale. Loved by people of all ages. And we have listened to their requests by making them healthier and even more delicious.

Soft Serve Chocolate

The perfect indulgence is synonymous with chocolate ice cream. High in antioxidants and low in fat. The smoothness is truly an unforgettable experience.

Soft Serve Yogurt

Frozen yogurt is the buzz-word for those craving a healthier choice in ice cream desserts. Our products comes with live-probiotics that aids digestion, and are able to combine well with fruit juices to further brings our the fruity-side of things.

Speciality Soft Serve

We take pride and excitement to help our clients to develop the next ‘BIG thing’ in ice creams. A product that caters to market trends and have social media presence. Talk to us, and let’s make ice cream magic.


New flavours throughout the year

We take great pride to introduce and launch new flavours, new textures and new soft serve bases to meet the challenging trends and giving competitive advantage to our customers. General consumers always welcome new buzz in soft serve ice cream fashion.

A range of gelato mixes are also available for our clients who would like to offer gelato based products at their retail outlets. The quick and easy to prepare mixes are:

Gelato Bases


Plain Yogurt

Dark Chocolate

Salted Caramel

Neutral Base

Sorbet Base

Neutral Base

Shakes Bases






Optional Features

Dairy / Non Dairy, Low GI, Achieving Target Fat Content, Customised Flavours